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I’m sure you have received plenty of reminders in your mail box from shops recommending you bring your car in for service.  The trouble is most of them are sent based on a time interval and have nothing to do with how many miles you drive per month.  The service reminders from Independent Import are generated by a rather long process.  We look at each customer separately and based on your milage driven per month and the type of driving you do.  Then we create an individual schedule for each and every customer.  Every time you come in we check your odometer reading and adjust your entire service schedule based on your current driving patterns.  It takes a lot of work on our part, but it is the only way to get you the right service schedule that you can count on.  If followed it will extend the life of your car so that the next time you decide to buy a new car it will be because you WANT a new car.  Not because you are forced into it because your old car has broken down and will cost so much to fix that a new car seems to be your only option.  If you have more questions about our service reminder program feel free to call Matt or Thayne any time at 801.374.2115.  Thanks for visiting our site.  We hope to have the opportunity to serve you soon.