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mini-logoWe are starting to see a pattern failure in Mini Cooper’s.  The radiator fan circuit  failure, first on the low speed circuit.  This usually manifests itself with an A/C problem.  This fan is very critical to your A/C system.  It comes on with the A/C compressor to cool the condenser and lower the high side pressure.  Usually this pressure works around 150-225 psi.  When the fan fails they will go over 450 psi and blow the refrigerant out the over pressure valve, or worse, blow a hose or other part in the system.  This is not only bad for the A/C system, but it causes stress on the engine as well.  This is the same fan that is used to cool the engine.  With the low speed circuit out, the engine gets much hotter before the control unit triggers the high speed circuit to cool it down.  If the high speed circuit goes, then we see total overheat, break down, and hopefully the driver is watching the temperature gauge, otherwise it can result in very serious engine damage.  If you bring your Mini in and mention this post we will check your fan function for free.  Happy Motoring!