We are celebrating!  Independent Import Sales & Service is now “Gephardt Approved”!  Bill Gephardt and his crew have investigated our track record and background as well as investigated the way we treat our customers.  As a result they have added us to their very distinguished list of Gephardt Approved businesses.  As you can see from their website (www.GephardtApproved.com) they are very selective as to which companies they will endorse.  We are truly honored to be counted among this distinguished list.

 As you know, your satisfaction is very important to us.  Our whole staff at Independent Import Sales & Service is dedicated to providing you with high quality service and value.  We are grateful for your positive feedback and loyalty over the years.  We are proud to display the Gephardt Approved logo on our shop sign, in our shop and on our website.  We look forward to continuing to serve you, your family, and friends.  We are pleased that you can also take pride in patronizing and referring your family and friends to a Gephardt Approved establishment.  Your referrals mean a great deal to us.  Whenever you send in your family or friends we go above and beyond to be sure they are happy.  To us it is the ultimate compliment when you send them in.  Our progress is largely made possible due to all of your referrals. And we are forever grateful to you for them.